Themes and site design

Lettering free theme

Lettering is a free glype theme ported to glype by Glype Designs. Originally by Free CSS Templates, lettering is a red and white theme with two columns. In addition to porting the theme, Glype Designs has included a customized URL field for the proxy form on the home page.



BlackLens  theme

BlackLens is a brand new glype theme by The theme colours are black, pink and white.

BlackLens features an original header design, top horizontal navigation bar and a left sidebar. The all important URL bar is also styled so that it stands out.

BlackLens is fully customizable and includes many ad positions.



Underground  template

Underground is a classic design by styleshout that you will find on a number of web proxies all over the Internet. Infact underground is one of the most popular designs for web proxies. This is why has converted it to glype and made it available to the large number of proxy webmasters who are using glype to power their proxies.

The main colours of the underground theme are red and black. It features a top navigation bar that you can use to provide users with quick links to popular websites like myspace. There is also a left sidebar for adsense ads or links to other proxies in your network.



BluLens  skin

BluLens is an original glype design by . BluLens is a two column theme with a right sidebar and top navigation bar. The main content area has rounded edges and there is a floral graphic in the top right corner. The main colours of the theme are dark blue and white. BluLens also has a styled URL bar with the options checkboxes hidden to reduce clutter.

This theme has many ad locations. You can place adsense ad links in the navigation bar. You can also place ads above and below the URL bar and in the right sidebar.



MintSwirl template for glype

MintSwirl is a single column and ported to glype by this site. Growldesign has handled the difficult colors of dark blue and green well to create a beautiful design that will make your website stand out from the rest.

In addition to porting this theme to glype I have created a styled URL bar in the glype version of this theme. There are also two buttons next to the URL bar including an options button that toggles the display of the options checkboxes.